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Tuesday, January 19 2021

Support for ApplePay when you're using the Stripe payment gateway. Requires configuration within your admin

  • Log into your Stripe terminal
  • Select Settings in the left menu
  • Then choose Payment Methods under Payments
  • Select configure for ApplePay
  • Click the +Add new domain button located under Web domains
  • Enter the domain name for your website.
  • Before pressing Add, download the verification file: this will be a text file titled apple-developer-merchantid-domain-association
  • Go to File Manager in your website admin (located under the Admin tab)
  • Select the "HTML Files" tab
  • Click the folder+ button located on the file manager toolbar 
  • In the folder name box enter .well-known as the new folder name
  • Select the new folder in the file list to navigate to that folder
  • Upload the apple-developer-merchantid-domain-association file you downloaded above
  • Go back to your terminal and click the Add button to complete adding your site as an ApplePay payment method
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